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Our Services

Sell your business

"Most of the time our clients haven't heard of the eventual buyer at the start of the process."

We find the best deal for you - a mix of financial and qualitative factors that is unique to you. It’s not always about the money (but that helps). It is also about the transaction structure and your personal needs. For example, do you want to stay involved in the business or exit quickly?

We coordinate each step of the process to minimise distraction and disruption. Of course, confidentiality is paramount.

Where appropriate, we run an international sales campaign. Australia represents only 3% of the world economy - so if you don't target foreign buyers, you may be short-changing yourself. 

The buyer universe is larger than you think. Most of the time our clients have not heard of the eventual buyer at the start of the process.

Wide Net + Disciplined Process + Competitive Tension + Experienced Negotiators = Best Possible Deal

Buy a business

Acquiring an established business is often a faster or more certain strategy than organic growth. Buying a business can quickly add new customers, new products or new territories to your existing business.

We can find the best target and preserve your anonymity until the target is ready to deal.

We help you prepare the right offer, negotiate, coordinate due diligence and complete the transaction.

Raise capital

In 2020 there is still plenty of cash chasing deals.

  • Private equity managers are sitting on record cash holdings.

  • Many listed companies are cashed up. 

  • Banks want to lend more to businesses. 

  • Interest rates are at record lows. 

We'll help you to raise debt or equity capital - and achieve the best mix of the two.

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